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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 5.17.2017

Posted 5/17/2017 7:39pm by Joe Baughman.

Once again as I am writing this newsletter blog we are faced with high winds and thunderstorms in the forecast. I actually can hear thunder rumbling in the distance. Today has been extremely windy with 20 plus mph sustained wind and up to 40 mph gust. It brought back a memory of last week’s CSA harvest day that I thought I should share. If you remember last week in the area we had severe thunderstorms roll in on Wed evening into the late night. With that storm came a power outage, which we have quite often out here in a rural setting. When it happened late Wed evening I didn’t think much of it. When I woke up early Thursday morn ready for CSA harvest and the power was still out I got a little nervous. We need electricity out on the farm to run the well pump for fresh water. Went about my business and thought well surely they will get power restored soon and we will be able to clean the produce for the CSA shares. We started the harvest in a reverse order of what we usually do. Normally we harvest all greens very early while it is cool and they are still crisp, but we like to clean them in cold water immediately after harvest, this helps to preserve their freshness. So we went about our harvest radishes, onions, beets. Ok still no power so these items may not be too bad to send dirty but we still like to rinse them off. Eleven then twelve o’clock rolls up still no power. Ok harvest the kale it’s not too dirty and won’t be that bad to send. One o’clock still no power no water what are we going to do about the lettuce? The lettuce was extremely dirty because the storm the night before had splashed dirt up on it. We started scrambling Chip went and got his Dad’s generator maybe we could rig it up to the well pump and have water. As Chip pulled up with the borrowed generator suddenly the lights flickered and we had electricity again. Somehow we got everything washed and ready to load just in time for delivery. Let’s hope the power holds this week. We take a lot of time, effort, and pride to delivery clean fresh produce to our members and market customers. If you ever receive dirty produce from us you will know something went wrong. Let’s hope we don’t have to go through that again.

Planted this week:  We had a pretty good week. I spent a lot of hours on the tractor from Sunday through Tuesday evening working dirt for our field plantings of potatoes, tomatoes, and zucchini. Chip and Dayton were able to plant about half of our potato crop and I hope to have them transplant heirloom tomatoes on Thursday while I deliver the CSA shares. Also planted were zucchini, onions, lettuce, and carrots.

In your shares: It’s stir fry week! You will have Pak Choy, Leeks, Asparagus, Red Stem Spinach, and Shiitake Mushrooms. No recipe this week. You are on your own with all these goodies. If you opted for the Shiitake Mushroom option you will receive them plus something extra this week.

Enjoy, Jim

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