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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farm 6.14.17

Posted 6/14/2017 8:20pm by Jan Schofield.

Hi Folks,
Whew! Just came in from a pop up thunderstorm here at the farm. Much needed rain but this one had some really strong winds and came in really fast. These summer storms can be so almost violent when the temperatures reach the low 90’s and suddenly drop 20 degrees or so. Makes me very nervous but at the same time after a hard hot day in the field it feels really good. The nervousness comes from worrying about our greenhouses and the violent winds. When the greenhouses are open a strong wind can get under them and you have the parachute effect which can be very damaging. This time of year we have our greenhouses wide open because of the excessive heat if we were to close them it would be 140 degrees plus inside them. The problem comes when there is a predicted storm with these day time temps you can’t close them up until it’s almost too late or if you make it at all. Today everything is good. As I said the rain was much needed. We had been in about a 3 week dearth and have been scrambling to hook up irrigation the past week. We also had just completed today before the rain our sweet potato planting. The rain will really help them get off to a good start. I guess I would much have the rain come in like this when needed rather than no rain at all.
Planted this week: For the most part we spent most of the week prepping the field for our sweet potato planting. This year it was a pretty big undertaking. Last year’s sweet potatoes were received very well at the winter markets so I decided to double the planting this year planting close to 2000 sweet potato plants. We hope that will be a lot of winter and Holiday nutrition coming your way.
In your share this week: Zucchini is on the menu. Our zucchini crop is doing fabulous. We are sending a pretty good portion in the shares this week. Please check out this week’s recipe. You may also want to check out other recipes on the internet for this great summer staple. Also in the shares will be Lettuce Mix, Green Onions, Radishes, Cucumber, and Broccoli. All shares will receive Broccoli but we may not have enough to double up in the full shares if not we will be substituting a surprise item.
Stay cool,

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