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From the Fields of Freedom Valley Farn 9.13.17

Posted 9/13/2017 10:13pm by Jim Baughman.

Fall has been in the air. As much as I love the fall season this year we received an early taste of it that almost brought the farm to a screeching halt. With night time temperatures in the low forty’s and day time highs in the 60’s it definitely slowed the growth on the last of our summer crops. Even the lettuce that grows really well in cooler temperatures slowed to a point it was not large enough to harvest for market last week. I think fall can be a somewhat bittersweet time for a vegetable farmer. As much as we are tired of dealing with tomatoes we suddenly realize that the tomato season is over and we will soon be wishing we had more of them. It’s actually a very short season. That summer staple zucchini that so many weeks we had so many and we relentlessly look for new recipes to use them, their growth slows to a crawl with the cool night time temperatures. Soon we will be wondering why I did not freeze more for use in winter breads and pastries. Yes as much as we will soon miss these summertime treats bring on the cool fall temperatures with all the fall colors and all those fall vegetables like winter squashes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, and carrots. I love fall! It just seems it has come a little early this year.
Planted this week:
One lonely bed of lettuce. The last of our late fall crops were seeded last week. This week has been spent cleaning up the tomato leftovers from the greenhouses.
In your shares:
Zucchini. This will be the last of the zucchini this season. This week they are a little larger than usual; great for shredding and freezing or making zucchini boats (stuffed zucchini) see this week’s recipe. This week I am also including the recipe for zucchini chocolate cake my favorite. Also this week you will receive sweet peppers and Shiitake mushrooms (both can be used in the zucchini boat recipe). This week a new fingerling potato called Papa Concho - a somewhat oddly long shaped potato of Puerto Rican decent (great for slicing up and roasting). Lettuce mix and a tomato or two will round out this week’s share.

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